12 - 18 year olds

Below are our class offerings for 12-18 year olds.   These are recommended for

students in 7th - 12th  grade.   Classes are divided by age.  

 Tumbling:  Tumblers will work on the tumbling mats while focusing on flexibility

and strength.   
These Tumblers will be part of our Showcase.    

Prep Cheer:  Prep Cheer students will work on jumps, dance, stunts, pyramids and tumbling with their team.   Youth Prep Cheer will participate in two central Iowa competitions and one out of town competition this year.   They will also perform in our showcase.  

Rec Cheer:   Rec cheer students will work on jumps, dance, stunts, pyramids and limited tumbling with their team.    Rec Cheer will have an exhibition performance at one central Iowa competition this year.   They will also perform in our Showcase.   


om:  Pom Students will learn a pom routine focusing on sharp/strong arm movements and team work.  These girls will possibly compete in one local competition this year and will be in our Showcase.  

Hip Hop:  Popular style for students interested in street dancing/break dance/freestyle.   Learn current moves!  Youth Hip Hop will perform in our Showcase.    

Lyrical:   A more upbeat and contemporary version of ballet, lyrical dance will incorporate ballet basics while interpreting a musical piece.   Lyrical will perform in our Showcase.  

Kick/Jazz:   Kick/Jazz class will work on a variety of traditional kick styles, as well as jazz turns and leaps.   In this environment, students will become stronger and have more endurance - but also have a lot of FUN!     Kick/Jazz will perform in our Showcase. 

"I highly recommend Starstruck cheer to anyone wanting to participate in a sport where they are accepted equally, regardless of their ability or skill level. We have experienced nothing but a fun and positive environment from the staff at Starstruck!   When we first came to Starstruck, my daughter lacked confidence and didn’t know what activity/sport she wanted to do.  She felt accepted here immediately and it wasn’t long, before she started to show confidence and pride in herself.  She has grown so much in the last 2 years and made some great friendships!  We are very thankful for Jill and Heath and our Starstruck family. "  Sarah B.