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Classes are designed to be a fun and exciting way for young beginning students to participate in cheer, dance and tumbling. 


We feel its important to encourage active movement, social interaction, and gain experience by "doing". 

Instructors stay on task but also have fun while we learn and grow!  

Educating young athletes about safety and proper technique are essential aspects of our curriculum. 

Creating a good foundation early helps to instill a sense of confidence, establishes good habits,  and promotes repeated success as your child continues develop.

We teach age appropriate concepts of balance, leverage, and momentum, by using our muscles & brains to stay safe!

But lets be real, we're talking about pre-schoolers...something silly is bound to happen sooner or later!

Preschoolers must be age 3 and potty-trained.  

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Tiny Tumbling

Tiny Tumbling:  Tumblers will work on the tumbling mats while focusing on flexibility and strength.   Our Tiny Tumblers will be part of our Showcase.    

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Tiny Novice Cheer

Tiny Novice Cheer:  Novice Cheer students will work on jumps, dance, stunts, pyramids and tumbling with their team.   Tiny Novice Cheer will participate in one central Iowa competition this year.   They will also perform in our showcase.     

Young Ballerinas
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Tiny Tap & Ballet

Tiny Tap & Ballet:  Tiny Tap and Ballet students will focus on large motor movements while learning beginning tap footwork and ballet positions.   Tiny Tap & Ballet will perform in our Showcase.   

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