Students in our CHEER classes will work on the perfection of stunts, tumbling, jumps and dance toward the goal of a full competition routine.  


Tumblers in our program will be exposed to a variety of skills, while we maintain the 'Perfecting before progressing' concept.   Fun and hardwork, always in a safe environment. 




Students in the Kick/Jazz class will work on a variety of kick styles, as well as jazz turns and leaps.   In this environment, students will become stronger and have more endurance - but also have a lot of FUN! 


A more upbeat and contemporary version of ballet, lyrical dance will incorporate ballet basics while interpreting a musical piece.



Upbeat, stronger version of jazz - kids LOVE hip hop!







A staple in traditional dance, we focus on footwork and rhythm while teaching dancers the fun of TAP.  


The cornerstone of all dance and important beginning step.   We provide basic instruction and foundational movements to get any aspiring ballerina a very strong beginning.


A more difficult type of dance.  Pointe requires at least one year of pre-pointe.  Pointe will perform in our show.  





Always improving overall physical and mental health, we strive for our personal bests in yoga.  "It is not what it looks like, it is how it feels."