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Advanced Classes 

Young Gymnast

Advanced Tumbling

Advanced Tumbling:   Tumblers in our program will be exposed to a variety of skills, while we maintain the 'Perfecting before progressing' concept.   Fun and hard work, always in a safe environment.    Advanced tumblers have the opportunity to compete in meets and will perform in our showcase.        


Private Lessons

Private Tumbling lessons:   Contact Jill (515-720-7437) or Heath (515-778-7810)  to schedule these. 


Private Stunting lessons.  Contact Jill (515-720-7437) or Heath (515-778-7810) to coordinate these sessions.  Private stunting will include at least 2 coaches.  

Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle


Pointe:    A more difficult type of dance.  Pointe requires at least one year of pre-pointe.  Pointe will perform in our show.  Pointe students are required to have completed our pre-pointe class and be enrolled in another ballet class.     

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